Denis Onisimov aka Denis Commie was born in Ukraine on Christmas Eve. Always drawn to music since early childhood. Having a piano at home it was a matter of time until Denis started poking around the instrument.

At the age of 5 Denis was enrolled into a music program that involved piano lessons, vocal training and musical theory. Training and evolving has been ongoing since. With a strong classical music foundation Denis started to ponder off into his own compositions and soon after melody and songwriting was a regular occurrence and new original material began to assemble. Denis has a strong skill set for coming up with catchy melodic themes and eloquent lyrical content that’s both poetical and entertaining. Denis also contributes to the actual instrumental writing process by playing various instruments like piano/synthesizer, guitar, drums and samplers.

There’s always an idea behind Denis’s writing, every song carries a message and a moral, hoping that one day these messages will have a positive influence on the listener. Lyrical content usually involves themes such as Love, relationship quarries and everyday life reality topics. Denis truly believes that he found himself through music and for that he’s extremely grateful. His favorite quote is ‘Life without music is a mistake!’

All this foundation has given Denis the strength and motivation to keep going further. Starting a school band in high school called ‘Cupid’s Arrows’, from there began to ponder off into the Metal and Rock world. And so it all officially began, bands, gigs, awesome chaos and fun. Denis had the pleasure to play with some great musicians that were members of all the bands he was involved with. ‘Russian Roulette’ was a great project, it was raw and real with tons of lessons learned along the way. Afterwards a short break, trying to enhance vocal abilities, going through various vocal mentors and coaches.

By the end of one the vocal training phase, Denis had discovered a new vocal flow and it was on the soft side of things. At which point Denis joined a great group of guys who called them selves ‘Keeping Cadence’, excellent group, talented and cool, while trying to combine the soft melodic voice with hard rock and metal, the soft vocals started to take over. Growing up, Denis would spend hours listening and singing to great legends like Lionel Ritchie, Boys II Men, Foreigner and many more, it’s no surprise that the R&B and Pop side was emerging.

Next project was called ‘Angels of Antares’, that was a short and sweet music venture, also great group of guys. Still trying to hold on to Metal, Denis went on to join a truly awesome band called ‘Temple In The Sea’, recording two great singles, ‘Lessons of Life’ and ‘Not a Game’, with a great producer/engineer Siegfried Meier, at the legendary Beach Road Studio, music can be found on YouTube under the band’s name.

Finally, the R&B genre started to really make waves and Denis decided to allocate some time for R&B and EDM, getting involved with Milk Records, an independent label from Italy, at the same time, trying to evolve in the new genres. Sheer luck and fortune brought Denis to the door step of an audio engineer/producer, T.J. Habibi at the Secret Suburbia StudNow there was an opportunity to make the music that was in Denis’s head, working with TJ was and still is so mind liberating, with enormous rooms for creativity and thought.

All this led to a debut album, titled ‘The 8th Sphere’ written and made with the help of family and true friends. A ten track album that is a direct reflection of all the music genres that Denis likes. You can hear elements, such as, Hip Hop, Metal,R&B, Soul, Trap, Dubstep and Drum & Bass. This artist is the one to follow, great things are yet to come, so stay tuned!


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